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We admit it.  We love the weird and wonderful.

Our nurses sometimes re-enact Fight Club to determine who gets to see the ferret or the pot-bellied pig or the iguana patient coming in this afternoon.

"Exotics" means anything that isn't a dog or cat in companion medicine.

Nearly everyone of our 18 or so staff has or has had an exotic pet - from snakes and reptiles, birds, ferrets, hedgehogs, rabbits.  Heck, we have a resident guinea pig, a parrot, chickens and tortoises!

We know from experiences that exotics are not just small versions of cats and dogs.  We know they have very specific housing, feeding and husbandry needs.  And husbandry is half the battle!

During exams and wellness visits, we are happy to provide consultation in exotic pet care, husbandry, parasites, travel, and the unique hazards you and they may face.  We encourage you to come in for a consultation before welcoming a new exotic pet in your home.  We have resource material available and may be able to put you in touch with other owners in the area with similar pets, as they are often a wealth of knowledge and support.  

Oh, and we're sorry to tell you we DO NOT see primates.  We had to draw the line somewhere.  Besides, they are really strong and they bite and you can get real human diseases from them.  But don't worry: Avian and Exotic Animal Care sees them!