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Veterinary medical ultrasonography uses ultrasound (high-frequency sound waves) to visualize soft tissue structures in the body in real time. Ultrasound is super safe (think of sonograms for pregnant women to evaluate the baby) and (usually) require no sedation. Your pet will, however, get a funny haircut!

Ultrasound plays a vital role in diagnostics these days, providing real-time image of internal organs with little discomfort to the pet. Ultrasound is extremely useful for even seemingly simple tasks like evaluating a pet for a bladder infection - in minutes we can look at the bladder, check for stones or masses, and get a sterile sample. Our portable in house ultrasound can be taken into the room so we can easily show you what we saw and explain the next step.

We also work closely with referral services to provide more advanced procedures including full abdominal ultrasound evaluation, echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart) and Color-Flow Doppler which measures the vascular flow and is used for dynamic evaluation of the heart, heart valves and major vessels.


Joanne Thompson, DVM, of Eagle Mobile Veterinary Services offers advanced ultrasonography for procedures such as echocardiograms and biopsies. She comes to our hospital instead of you needing to go somewhere else and we work together to come up with a plan for your pet.  

We also work with Sloan Turner of Carolina Veterinary Mobile Radiology. Dr Turner is a Diplomat of the American College of Veterinary Radiologists. She works out of Eastern Carolina Veterinary Referral hospital in Wilmington.